Adorable Van Gogh's


AGE 7-9












This course is intended to bring together a child's natural urge for self-expression with traditional and non-traditional materials, and Visual Art techniques. Particular attention is paid to the individual needs and developmental level of each student. Participants are guided in a creative exploration of drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, mixed media and mask making, and of the creative process itself. Depending upon the individual interests and needs of the students, the program will be adapted accordingly.
The course is designed to encourage playful expression, while fostering a high probability of success, and enhancing significant learning in both the technical skills and creativity.



 Students have the opportunity to look closely at artefacts, objects (including their own work) and talk about them with others.Students look closely at the natural and man-made world and record what they see.

Kids study the works of established artists and discuss the techniques, skills and meaning.